Plantar Fasciitis Relief As You Sleep


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Ditch the Boots and Braces

We stand apart from old fashioned static splinting methods. The PlantarTech Strap offers:


PlantarTech provides full and complete range of motion of the foot and ankle.


Easily adjust the tightness of the splint or the position of your ankle.


This splint provides minimal coverage of the foot, which allows for optimal comfort and daily wear.

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Why it Works

When you lift up your big toe, the plantar fascia tightens, locking the arch of your foot.

Windlass Effect

  • When you lift up your big toe, the plantar fascia tightens, locking the arch of your foot.
  • Locking the arch of your foot provides a firm platform to propel your leg forward, helping you walk.
  • Over time, repetitive movement strains the plantar fascia, causing micro-damage in athletes and non-athletes alike.
  • Nightly Stretching

  • During sleep, the foot rests. It is during this time that any accumulated micro-damage within the plantar fascia begins to heal.
  • However, because healing cannot be fully completed during sleep, this creates re-tearing with the first step of the day.
  • The resulting cycle of partial healing and repetitive trauma exacerbates the pain and inflammation of the plantar fascia.
  • The PlantarTech Strap allows the plantar fascia to heal in a tensed position. This results in pain relief, decreased inflammation, and repair of the micro-damage over time.
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    Client Testimonials

    “I was very fortunate to have a friend recommend this simple solution for my very painful plantar fasciitis. Not only is it simple to use but it is sleek and unobtrusive while sleeping. I no longer had to dread getting out of bed in the morning and taking those first painful steps. Highly recommend this product.”

    Nancy S., PA

    How it Works

    Experiencing heel pain brought on by plantar fasciitis? PlantarTech is the one-size-fits-all solution to plantar fasciitis pain relief. This innovative splint stands apart from old fashioned static splinting methods by providing mobility, adjustability, and comfort that allows for daily wear.

    To better understand how our strap works, let’s take a deeper look at what causes plantar fasciitis.

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    Meet the inventor

    Derek Amanatullah, M.D., Ph.D

    Orthopedic surgeon and creator of PlantarTech

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